Special Workshops for All Schools


For many years we have worked with a number of schools helping with many different types of Projects and on a mixed subject or theme.



Under the Ground We help one class ( make worm ,badgers , moles, and rabbit puppets)

then the class preformed for the whole school 


Christmas We helped six classes ( make Father Christmas and other like themed puppets) to take home and We proformed a Christmas Show for them. 4 years running.


Mini Beasts We helped eight classes ( make insects, beattles, butterflys ect. ) 


Monsters We helped them ( make well anything thet like really)


Toys  We showed them how we make ours then they choose a nursery ryheme and in groups of two made their puppets to that theme


Pantomine This was an older group that worked in groups of 4 choosing chracters from a pantomine they were studying then they wrote the script and proformed for each other


Seaside  We helped them make mainly Punch and Judy puppets for a school fete,


Anti Social beaviour






 For schools it's just from £3.50* per puppet made!!!

And you get a free Puppet Show at the end of the Day





duration per classpuppets made show for allpuppet ordered
*45mins x 3 classes90 and above20mins.£3.50
60mins x 2 classesup to 6025-30mins£4.50
60mins x 1 classunder 3030+mins£5.50