All Age & Abilitiy Groups enjoy our puppet making workshops even those who find Arts and Crafts hard .

With a little bit of help we can help them take home a puppet they are proud of .

From Sharks to  Cats and Dogs 

From Fairies to Footballers we have help them make them all.

The Hulk to Scoobie if they have an interest We'll have a go.

So if you want a theme or an idea ask us and we can help. 


Just let them use their imagination.

we provide the entire Puppet making equipment. 

 Best suited to school aged children and above

(Can be done with younger children but with an Adults help. More one to one.)

Meet and greet allowing for any late comers ect.

Then get set Aprons on then Go make a puppet can be themed.

All help is given with designing and a lot of prep.

 Is done beforehand.


 If it's a Workshop Party,

For 2 hour Parties

We allow a break for Tea Eats and Drinks mid-way of approx 15/20mins.] Then its Show Time

Giving demos on a few Puppet Sketches

 We allow the everyone who wants too have a go in the theatre

 Using some of our own puppets to music

 And if theirs are dry they can have a go with their own


They take their puppets home with them in a bag & balloon model